Welcome to the E.L.S.A. Foundation Website
The Foundation is here to preserve, foster, and promote Tejano/Latino culture. We do this through music, film, dance, comedy, radio, television and any future media. Internet Radio, Fine Arts. E.L.S.A. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization exclusively for charitable, social, cultural enrichment and educational purposes. 

Here at E.L.S.A. our mission shall endeavor to keep Tejano/Latino music and culture relevant for our future generations.  In so doing the foundation shall receive charitable donations for the purpose of sponsoring charity events, promoting music fairs and social dances, compensating musicians as mentors and music educators, commissioning visual artists, and holding a centralized location to achieve Tejano/Latino Music history for promoting the legends of Tejano art and music as well as other artist in the industry.