Composed of Entertainment Industry Professionals

Board of Directors

Rudy Treviño

Trini Barragan

Secretary /Assistant

Presidents Assistant - Janie Gonzalez

Executive Vice President -Tony Barragan 

Master of Ceremonies - Carlos Sanchez

Manny Garcia Jr.

Spiritual Leader - Carol Anderson

John Henry Medina

Digital Managing Editor

Social Media Representatives

Mel Ramos

E.L.S.A. In-House Attorney

Kevin S. Wiley Jr

325 N. St. Paul Street

Suite 4400

Dallas, Texas 75201

Tel: (469) 619-5721

Fax: (469) 619-5725

E.L.S.A. Networking  Promoters

Krlws Maya ( California ) 

           Lety Olivares - Ruybal ( Soledad, California )

        Lizzie Olivares Haro ( Soledad, California)

    Janie Gonzalez  ( Rio Hondo, Texas )

Josephine Castillo (San Antonio, Texas)

Chief Executive Director

Mike Infante

Executive Directors Radio

Sam Almanza

Chente Aranda

E.L.S.A. Foundation Web Designer

Gomez Productions


Trini Barragan  -  CEO/Founder                                
  • We must be the changes we wish to see in the Tejano Music World.  Change fosters self-discovery and is the bedrock of a learning organization, as well as the FOUNDATION of continuous improvement and innovation.
Tony Barragan  -  CFO/Co-Owner                                           

Lilah Lisa Velasquez  - Executive Director Promotions                                                    
Dedicated wife and mother to three wonderful boys. Hard working and dedicated EDP for the E.L.S.A. Foundation who believes in, supports and loves Tejano/Latino music. I enjoy listening to music and spending time with my family and friends.

Carlos Sanchez - President                             
Carlos D. Sanchez a Chicago native. Who now resides in San Antonio ,Tx With 20+ years of marketing/sales and business experience. Carlos is Known for his tireless work ethic with strong business acumen. A devoted father and husband, committed to improve our community by staying involved with many organizations. His early childhood experiences with music and lack of means to continue his dream have fueled him to try to make a difference with the new up and coming artist. The mentality to instill Support and Unity amongst each other are much needed ingredients for our new generation to succeed and push our culture to make a difference.
Sam has 35 yrs experience in broadcasting, Program Director & reporter for various Music Magazines in Houston, Austin, & Laredo. He is a researcher & Data Expert on Cultural Affairs.
Hernando "Spiderman" Abilez has worked in all levels of the Tejano music industry, from Tejano radio on air personality-program director, promotions executive for major record labels EMI Latin and Sony Discos, artist manager, journalist for Radio y Music and other major publications, to Photographer-Publicist-Media Relations for major artists.  He has also worked for KTXZ 1560 A.M. and KRGT 92.1 FM in Austin.