Composed of Entertainment Industry Professionals

Board of Directors

Rudy Treviño

Trini Barragan

Jose Ramos

Lupe Ruiz 

Executive Director of Special Events
Lupe Ruiz


  Executive Vice President

Jose Ramos


Chief Operations Officer

Janie Gonzales

Chief  Development Officer

   Elizabeth De Haro 

Master of Ceremonies  

Manny Garcia Jr.

Tony Barragan

Rose Gonzalez 


Spiritual Leader 

Carol Anderson

Digital Managing Editor

John Henry Medina


Social Media Representatives

Janie Gonzales

Elizabeth De Haro

Isabel Ruiz

Amy Morin 

Joy De La Vega

Trini Barragan 

E.L.S.A. In-House Attorney

Kevin S. Wiley Jr

325 N. St. Paul Street

Suite 4400

Dallas, Texas 75201

Tel: (469) 619-5721

Fax: (469) 619-5725

E.L.S.A. Networking  Promoters

Krlws Maya (California )

Isabel Ruiz (San Antonio )

Joy De La Vega (San Antonio)    

Lizzie Olivares Haro (Soledad, California)

    Janie Gonzalez  (Rio Hondo, Texas )

Amy Morin (Rio Grande Valley)


Executive Directors Radio

Sam Almanza

Chente Aranda

E.L.S.A. Foundation Web Designer

Gomez Productions, Las Cruces, NM


Trini Barragan - CEO/ Founder Trini.Barragan@aol.com
We must be the changes we wish to see in the Tejano Music World. Change fosters self-discovery and is the bedrock of a learning organization, as well as the FOUNDATION of continuous improvement and innovation.
Tony Barragan  -  CFO/Co-Owner                                 AnthonB8@aol.com                                                  

Sam has 35 yrs experience in broadcasting, Program Director & reporter for various Music Magazines in Houston, Austin, & Laredo. He is a researcher & Data Expert on Cultural Affairs.
P.O. BOX 5414
OFFICE: 361-595-1900
EFAX: 361-355-4695
Lupe Ruiz is a resident of Kingsville, Texas with 45 years’ experience in accounting and income tax preparation. Lupe is well known in his community for his tireless work ethic and total dedication to all the projects that he gets involved in. Lupe started his accounting career in 1973 after a four- year stint in the U.S. Air Force. He worked for Circle K Corporation as Area Office Manager in charge of aspects of accounting for 56 convenience stores. In 1986, he decided to venture in the world of entrepreneurship when he opened his own accounting firm. For the last eight years, Lupe has overseen the IRS VITA program in Kingsville and has been awarded several recognition awards. Throughout the years, Lupe has been involved in sports; he officiated football for 22 years, umpired softball for 24 years, in which he was director of umpires in two different national softball leagues and he also was a powerlifting judge. Lupe has been married to his wife, Ilda, for 48 ½ years. They have three children, seven grandchildren and two great grandsons.
Jose Ramos is the Owner/ Program
Director of La Voz Tejana 1450am and online. He has a degree in the 
Pharmaceutical field and in 
Architectural and Engineering Design. But his passion is to spread the Tejano music to all United States and keep it alive.