Sunny Ozuna


Sunny Ozuna, was born Sept. 8, 1943. He real name is IIdefonso  Fraga  Ozuna. He is one of two brothers, and six sisters. Ozuna was born in San Antonio’s South side. The 5’4  music  giant is also known as “ Mr. Little Brown Eyed Soul", “ El Charro Chaparro",  “ El Monito de Chocolate", "El Preferido", “El Internacional", "El Hijo de Tejas", "El Orguilo de Tejas", and plus at least a dozen other affectionate titles and adjectives. He is considered to be one of the Pioneers of Tejano Music. He started his musical career, by entering high school talent shows. Then he branched out to little towns, big cities, and on out to other states. We were producing the sound, making the music and the people responding. 

Unknowingly, the rules were being set, without realizing it.  We were leading the way, and setting the standard, for what we know today as Tejano music.  By experimenting with the tenor and baritone saxophones, flutes, and Electronic strings, on different arrangements. We were also the first to take the electric organ, congas, and electric piano on the road.  We knew  what we were doing, but it wasn’t defines; it wasn’t titled. It was developing with each one of our recordings and live performances. We knew that what we were doing was working and a new genre of music was being created to represent the life-style of Tejanos around the world.

Then everyone else started coming into the picture.   Many of the artist stood the test of time.  A few artist, actually opened the doors and then held them open for other groups to come in and out like clockwork.   We found that climbing up the hill required  many sacrifices and heartaches as we opened and blazed the trail for others to follow. Many times, fly -by –night promoters in some states would not honor their contracts. But that did not discourage  us.  Instead we persisted and worked our way to the top. It’s not a star, you want to be, it’s numbert one  "the best". Sunny had his ups and downs. He has experienced personal and professional setbacks and will not hesitate to admit his mistakes. He is still in demand. His talent keeps him working. Sunny may not have a million dollars in the bank, but today, he has enough awards to start his own museum.



Jimmy Edward

Jimmy Edward Bio

Considerd by many as a legend in his owned time and one of tejanos most remarkable vocalist, Jimmy Edward has been entertaining tejano fans for over 35 years started at the tender age of 12 playing bass with a local high school band, when the band lost their lead singer it was Jimmy Edward time to shine and the rest is history.

Jimmy was born on March 16, 1951 in San Antonio, Texas. In 1969 Jimmy help form the original Latin Breed one of Tejanos music’s most creatively and commercially successful groups. . The band produces several albums – the popular Return of the Latin Breed and Mas Latin Breed – as well as perhaps the first Tejano anthem, the song “El Tejano Enamorado”.

Jimmy went solo in 1975 with his debut album Memories, which contained mostly English songs but also featured the old Mexican classic “Diezy Seis Anos” which became a mega hit reaching #4 on Billboard’s regional chart. In 1982 Jimmy scored again with “Tu Prieto”. In the 1990’s he began to singing Spanish-language Christian Music.

Captivated by Latin contemporary Christian music, Edward released a Latin gospel album, Cristianos (Christians), in April 1996. Edward released two more full-lengths, Tejano All

Allstars and My Special Album, over the course of the next few years.

In recent years Jimmy a devoted Christian has dedicated himself to traveling throughout the state with his own ministry evangelizing and testifying to the life changing message of Jesus Christ while still maintaing his tejano roots.

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