Beto Ramon

Beto Ramon  Y Luna Llena

B&B Records proudly presents the legendary Tejano music  song writer Beto Ramon Y Luna Llena. Beto's new CD "BENDICIONES" is on the top ten count downs  on most of the tejano radio stations. His new singles "NO CREO YO", "TROQUITA CHEVROLET", and

" TE LLEVARE" are on popular demand. When you listen to Beto Ramon and Luna Llena you not only get to hear his latest originals but all the hit songs he has written for like Jimmy Gonzalez, Jay Perez Bobby Pulido, Gary Hobbs, Ram Herrera, David Mares, Ricardo Castillion and many more.

Luna Llena consists of Grammy Award winning key board player Johnny Rod, talented drummer Mike Lopez, the young energy of Beto Ramon on bass, and Beto Ramon Sr.  on guitar and vocals. Our new CD "BENDICIONES"  is available on CD Baby, Amazon and most tejano music stores.

Beto Ramon     361-558-0660

Oscar Lomas    361-696-2589

Irene Salinas



I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I grew up in a very small town called Sebastian (Willacy County) made relatively famous for its fruit stands that dotted the highway to or from anywhere. As a child, I would bang on the piano and pretend I could play, so naturally, I was formally introduced to piano lessons. The banging became less chaotic and more tolerable, and my parents were grateful for that. Eventually I would grow up to write our Senior Class Song, sung by my best friend, Norma Rodriguez Delacruz and we performed it live at our graduation ceremony. The talents of Baby J.J. and his lovely sister, Lynda V. helped make it an emotional and memorable performance.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered a love for poetry. I also discovered that poetry plus music equals songs. From that point on, I began to write and compose. However, for many years to follow, those songs did not see the light of day as college, marriage, children, and career took me on a journey of self-discovery of welcomed obligation and duty. Now, I am no longer in college and my children are grown and I have begun to resurrect some of my poetry and compositions. Tejano is very big in the Rio Grande Valley and having grown up in the days of the Texas County Band and the Cactus Country Band, both originating in Willacy County, I developed an appreciation for the genre. More recently, I mustered the courage to approach the very beautiful and talented, Sylvia MG and present some of my material. 

My first release is called "Por Los Suenos" and it was recorded by Sylvia MG. Amidst positive reviews and the like, a second work of mine is currently in production by Sylvia. Though I have an affection for romantic ballads, I have a variety of Tejano-style songs, including cumbias and norteno-style. If an artist prefers a particular style, I can accomodate to their liking, in English or Spanish as a lyricist/composer/songwriter/etc.

I currently live in Mercedes, Texas, affectionately known as 'The Queen City of the Valley,' and I can be reached at (956) 975-4795. Thank you.

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