Manny Garcia Jr.

Manny Garcia, Jr. A.K.A. El Picante was born in Beeville, Texas February 5, 1949.  I grew up in a small community of Port Lavaca, Texas where I attended school until graduation in 1968, then went to college in Houston, Texas to pursue a career in drafting 

Mechanical, Structural, and Architectural design.


In 1968 I was summoned to the U.S. Army where I served proudly in Vietnam during the TET offensives.  During my military career I continued my education in Criminal Justice and received a diploma in Para legal studies.  After Vietnam I returned home only to find myself in search of the passion I so loved……Music, and Radio/TV Broadcasting.


I decided to learn the radio broadcasting and got the opportunity on KGUL 1560AM radio in Port Lavaca, Texas.  A former classmate named Joe Carreon (El Chiquito) was the local DJ and I started watching him with amazement how he would turn buttons, switches, and talk on the microphone all at the same time.  The idea and the challenge of being able to master the controls and the love of music was the deciding factor to do radio.


Shortly after my debut on the radio I received the break of my lifetime.  Mr. Manuel Davila Jr from KCCT radio in Corpus Christi, Texas called me and extended an invitation to visit his studios whenever I was in Corpus, well I took him up on the invitation and immediately upon my arrival at his studio he asked me to read some scripts already prepared for the studio.  He was very impressed that he immediately took me into the main control room and offered me a full time position Monday thru Friday 3PM-7PM on the hottest radio station ever KCCT radio jalapeno.  My fellow colleagues and I worked diligently that in 1981, Mr. Davila made his first million dollars in broadcasting, he awarded each one of us a solid 14 karat gold jalapeno pin with the station letters inscribed KCCT.


I performed the duties of Continuity/Production Director and Promotions Director for KCCT, KFLZ, and KBSO 94, and ON Air Personality.  All stations are still owned by the Davila family.  My tenure with the station was for 25 years consecutively until 1995.  I also worked briefly with KXTO and Majic 105, part of the Cotton Broadcasting Corporation with the Lopez family.


In 1970 a gentlemen by the name of Ruben Cubillos who was with the Latin Breed gave me then name of El Picante to use as on air personality for KCCT, and like they say the rest is history.  The name of El Picante some 41 years late is still a household name.


 I have received numerous accolades, also the honor of  being selected the best DJ in DJ in the South Texas region in 1981.  In 1995, I was presented a plaque by the Texas Talent Musicians Association for my contribution to the Tejano Music Industry.  I was asked to receive the highest honor presented to the Legendary Domingo Pena of Corpus Christi, Texas (The Lifetime Achievement Award) in 1995.  Yet another award received from the Northern Illinois Tejano Cultural Society in 2007.


I have been a reporter/producer for the acclaimed TV show Our Latin Experience (OLE) from San Antonio, Texas.  I have emceed for numerous Tejano events in Texas that include the famous Jalapeno concerts in Cole Park in Corpus Christi, Texas and abroad.

I have been on stage with the biggest Tejano and International stars in the music industry

In Las Vegas, and the Tejano Music Awards for over 30 years.


My accomplishments are:


Awarded Outstanding Broadcaster of the Year Award at the Mike Chavez Music Awards in 2011 in Corpus Christi, Texas,


Inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall Of  Fame in Alice, Texas


Received Lifetime Achievement Awards form Prime Time TV Austin, Texas


EMCEE for Austin Latino Music Awards (A.L.M.A.) for numerous years


Official voice and spokesperson for the Academy of Tejano Artists and Musicians in San Antonio, Texas.


EMCEE for the National Tejano Music Convention in Las Vegas and Dallas, Texas.


EMCEE and Presenter for the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame in Alice, Texas.


Appointed as the Official voice of the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame Museum.


Served as President of the Advisory Council for Tejano Roots Hall of Fame.


Member of the Latin Grammy’s


Member of Texas Radio Hall of Fame


On air personality on the World Wide Web with his own Internet Radio Station since 2006-Present.


Numerous other accolades.


Manny has broadcasted on daily to well over 270 Countries and over 15,000 listeners daily supporting the Men & Women in uniform all over the world.  I have always projected a positive attitude and image in the promotion of our Tejano Musical heritage and culture.  I feel very honored and blessed with many talents the good Lord has given me.  I also say that when I am dead and gone forever, my tombstone shall read…….I had fun getting here!!! 

Manny Garcia, Jr.

“El Picante”

P.O. Box 1049

Lockhart, Texas 78644

512-658-7442 Cell 512-398-2465 Office



Crazy Chuy Hernandez

                                                                     The Godfather of Tejano Soul


Crazy Chuy Hernandez, inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in August of 2003 and the recipient of the "Living Legend Award" at the 3rd Annual Tejano Connection's Music Awards in May of 1998, began his professional musical career in 1963 at the age of 12 as a drummer with his brother Refugio in a Rock & Roll band.  In 1966, influenced by the Tex-Mex sounds of the Legends, Little Joe and Sunny Ozuna, Chuy joined The Sun-Lites (Tex-Mex Orquestra) and has never looked back.

His career spans more than 45 years as a musician with Los Latinos,Chayo Luna y Sus Tres Reales, The Organization Band, The Laymen Gospel Quartet and many more.  He has, on numerous occasions, performed as special guest drummer with grupos such as Fandango U.S.A, Texas Latino, Johnny Bustamante & L.A. Band, Conjunto Villarreal, plus many more.

In 1977, Crazy Chuy still very active as a musician, also became a radio broadcaster beginning his radio career at KXCL 108.5FM with his Chicano Express Show where he played Chicano and Tejano music til 1979 and then again in 1982 thru 1984. 

In the 1980's, due to legal blindness, Chuy left performing with bands and became a radio announcer with KUQQ 1540 AM in Ft.  Worth, Texas where he earned his radio name of Crazy Chuy for his humor and wild antics on the airwaves.  In 1983-84, he produced and hosted The Chicano Express on cable television in Dallas.  In 1985 he came to KBEC 1390 AM, and produced a Tejano show called Chicano Express, where he promoted Tejano music of the present and Chicano classics of the past until 1996. 

In 1988, Crazy Chuy presented Selena her first Female Entertainer of the Year Award at the 8th Annual Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, Texas.  In 1994-1996, he, with Joe Herrera,  co-produced and hosted Tejano Music Videos in the D/FW metroplex.  Later he, with another living legend, Super Loop Figueroa, worked together at KNON 89.3 FM in Dallas. 

Numerous awards adorn his office wall such as the Tejano Connection's Living Legend Award, 1998, Hispanic Broadcaster's Association Most Promising Deejay, 1992, and most recently he was inducted into the prestigious Tejano R.O.O.T.S Hall of Fame, 2003. There are also  many  awards from civic organizations, bands, and car clubs for his contributions on working to raise funds for scholarships, and youth gang preventions.

In November of 2007, Crazy Chuy was presented with a Proclamation from the State of Texas Senate for his longevity, love, and devotion to Tejano Music. 

Presently, Crazy Chuy is still very involved in the music world with his new Chicano Express Radio Show the First Tejano Music Radio Formatted Program on the internet, coming online in 1999, and still broadcasting great Tejano and Chicano Music at:


                       Check it out, you'll be glad you did. 

                                    AFTER ALL THESE YEARS

Chente Aranda

Chente Aranda Biography

First of all I want to thank everyone for visiting my Webcasting site Tejano Tiempos which I formatted similar to an FM radio station. 

When I first came up with the idea of setting up Tejano Tiempos Pasados, it was just a way to share my collection of TexMex, Chicano, Onda, Tejano music. Not realizing the impact it would have on the internet. A collection that started around 1962-63 while still in high school, 13 years before I became the first Chicano music mobile DJ in Fort Worth. Obviously a spinoff inspired by the age we were living in the 70s, the Disco era. I actually started in a Chicano club in a small suburb in the north side of Fort Worth, Sansom Park. The first so called Chicano Disco in Fort Worth, Ricardo’s Club and Disco belonging to the late Ricardo Garcia. In 1976-77 is when I started ‘Disco Caliente’ my moniker as a Chicano mobile DJ. In 1987-88 I achieved my FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit authorizing me to operate any radio station. That to me was the answer to my dream of becoming an actual on air radio personality. I was overwhelmed to say the least, because it sounded so professional.

In the 90s I co hosted a local community TV program titled ‘Estilo Tejano’ there were several of us who rotated hosting one out of four monthly programs where each particular show was aired several days out of a weeklong schedule. They consisted obviously of Tejano music using DJs and/or live bands. The hour long program would also include local Tejano community interests and interviews with Tejano dignitaries in community affairs, politics, education, human interest stories and entertainment. It was during one of these shows that I invited a former Tejano DJ at KUQQ radio here in Fort Worth Jesus ‘Crazy Chuy’ Hernandez for an interview presenting a human interest story. During this interview Chuy invited me to return the favor and come to the KBEC studios in Waxahachie the city where he still resides. While there we hit it off and I remained as sort of a second banana on his weekend shows, eventually doing my own 3 hour set. That, all came to an end in 1996 when the station owner passed away. The new owner dropped the Tejano genre from the programming altogether and continued with their Classic Country/Gospel format.

I remained out of DJing and continued in the work force in fast food management up until 2008 when I had to retire unexpectedly due to a disability. It’s a good thing that after leaving KBEC I spent most of the late 90s in my spare time converting all my music. All off 45rpm and LP vinyl, cassettes, 8 tracks and some reel tracks into at the time a wave sound on computers. Next thing I know mp3s came out but fortunately I was able to convert the wave sound much easier because of new software. It was a great thing too because the mp3 files didn’t take as much space as wave files and we didn’t have the luxury of large hard drives which came much later.

That’s pretty much in a nutshell about yours truly, as I mentioned at the beginning of this bio, the early days at the dance halls/clubs. I had the privilege of meeting the likes of Isidro Lopez who performed at the very first TexMex dance I attended, at the Legendary Casino Ballroom on Lake Worth. Later as well, Sunny Ozuna, Little Joe & Johnny Hdz, Bobby Butler. Carlos Guzman, Snowball y Los Fabulosos Cuatro, Rudy Tee Gonzalez, Rocky Gil and many more…. That was a BIG DEAL for me back then. That’s why; doing what I’m doing today is really special. Chicano/Tejano music does run in my soul, my heart and my blood.